Tucked away in a misty corner of the merchant’s bourg, Garworth’s is known as one of the finer arcana emporiums in the city catering to local wizards, alchemists, and arcane mechaniks. The owner Burrman Garworth has a talent for keeping high quality items in stock—fine glassware, fresh reagents, reams of fine paper, gears of various sizes, accumulators, conduits, cabalic crucibles, and anything else an alchemist or mechanik may need.

Though a young man, Master Garworth is known to be a wizard of formidable skill and a member of the local Fraternal Order of Wizardry. His shop is said to be safeguarded by all manner of spells. The demands of the market have recently forced him to stock mechanikal supplies as well as traditional arcana, and it is a transition he has not accepted with much grace. However, he is a practical wizard with an eye for profit and knew better than to turn his nose up to a growing market. There are better-specialized shops for advanced mechanikal needs, but for a mixed group of adventurers his diverse stock is convenient.

If the PCs need any basic arcane supplies, Garworth’s probably has them or can get them. Supplies for any spell or task of up to 5th level equivalent are always in stock. Above 5th level, may require materials to be ordered from Fharin, Ceryl, or Caspia which can take weeks to arrive. Most of the standard chemicals and mechanikal supplies from the IKCG can be found in Garworth’s. Garworth offers to recharge arcane accumulators at the standard rate of 20 gp per charge, which requires as many days equal to the accumulator’s maximum charge.

Bodack’s Blades

Far from selling only blades, Bodak’s is a full-service armor and weapons emporium. The merchandise is good quality though unremarkable. The shop is known for selling quality gear at a fair price, and it has become one of the most popular in the armorer’s bourg.

The shop’s owner is Hamil Bodak, a human of about 50 summers. Word on the street says he used to be a mercenary who saw action across a dozen kingdoms. His scarred face and missing fingers support the theory though he does not talk about his past. He especially avoids speaking about the mysterious scandal that ended his promising career in the watch almost ten years ago or his ongoing feud with Captain Julian Helstrom.

Bodak’s staff is capable of mending armor and weapons, and they can also fit sophisticated armor like full plate. Add a delay of 1d6 days to the time it would normally take Bodak’s craftsmen to finish a job. It’s a busy place after all. The shop will occasionally have masterwork items in stock—there is a 25% chance each month for weapons and armor. If a masterwork is indicated, determine the type randomly. In all cases, masterworks will be sold within 1d6+1 days.

Bodak’s is also known as the kind of place a person can go to hire muscle—muscle of a higher caliber than what one finds at the waterfront. With good roleplaying and a little luck, PCs may be able to hire a fighter of level 1–2. Applicable skills can be Knowledge (Local) and bluff (DC 20) or if the hireling does not return, the DC increases to 25 the next time the PCs are looking for help.

Pitt’s Pistols

This is a quaint two-storied shop that handcrafts pistols and rifles for those who can afford to pay for quality. The proprietor Angmar Pitt (Male Thurian Exp10) has worked hard to earn the reputation as the premier gunsmith in Corvis, and his work demands top prices. Pitt is on good terms with the Corvis watch and is generally hired to supply their firearms. He is assisted by a skilled young gobber named Gortralokanomok “Gort” (Male Gobber Exp3/Rog2), and his blasting powder is supplied by a local member of the Order of the Golden Crucible, Halleran Alkott (Male Midlunder Wiz6).

Engines East

Engines East caters to the owners and operators of steamjacks. The legendary iron constructs are expensive and complex; it takes special expertise to keep them in working order. Engines East has steam engine specialists, metalworkers, and arcane mechanics on call to keep any type of steamjack ingood working order. Their work is top-notch, and their prices reflect it. The reputation of this shop extends throughout Cygnar, and its chassis designs have been prominently featured in the Cygnaran military. Most of these true warjacks are only designed in Corvis. The plans are sent to Caspia in order to be manufactured at the Cygnaran Armory.

If the party has need of a steam engineer, the staff of Engines East will sometimes freelance after hours. The shop’s owner, a dwarf named Gamack Redhammer, allows this practice but he prohibits them from working on steamjacks on the side—only boats, mills and other such steamworks. The shop’s excellent reputation keeps the engineers as busy as they want to be after work hours.

On rare occasion the shop will have a used steamjack for auction. Steamjacks are extremely expensive; the cost of a fancy model is akin to buying a fully-outfitted steamship. Private parties rarely own them. Consequently, Engines East does most of its business with large trade concerns, wealthy business owners, and the local government.


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