City Quarters

The Undercity

The swamp has swallowed many of Corvis’ original buildings. The Undercity, as the locals call it, is a treacherous subterranean maze. Many of these passageways are ancient buildings and streets entombed in the damp earth. Others are natural passages or recent excavations by the inhabitants. As
sections have begun to sink, citizens will often take exhaustive measures to shore up walls and prevent water from seeping inside the buildings, allowing them to persist underground. Some sections seem to hold together of their own accord, preserved by what the locals consider to be unnatural forces.

The Undercity is inhabited mostly by vagrants and criminals, but legends speak of far more sinister denizens. PCs exploring the Undercity who stray from the well-traveled areas have a chance of running into devil rats, undead, bogrin, goraxes, gatormen, and other monsters. In the “civilized” areas PCs can still meet various human and non-human thugs and the

Those with intimate knowledge of Corvis have a chance to locate an entrance to the Undercity
in relatively unfamiliar areas. This task requires a Knowledge (local) check (DC 25) though the GM can assign modifiers as he sees fit. Given the dark reputation of this area, asking too many questions about it can draw unwanted attention from criminals.

City Quarters

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