Orgoth Dagger

An ancient Orgoth dagger

weapon (melee)

This dagger, though ancient, is still in perfect condition. Its black steel blade, with all of its sharp geometric designs and engravings, does not show a hint of rust or damage. Its silver handle and scabbard show depictions of cruel looking men hunting down smaller folk on horses, much as one hunts a rabbit. On the blade is an inscription in Orgoth.

“For my son Ryark. May your blade strike true — Gen Orvos XIII

The blade has a +1 enchantment bonus.


Found in the Witches Tomb in the Widowers Wood around Corvis. Was left laying in a pool within a cavern connected to the Orgoth Fort for hundreds of years. When a group of adventurous investigators were looking through the Tomb they stumbled upon it.

It is currently in this groups possession, on loan to a wandering soldier named Archer.

Orgoth Dagger

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