Gobber Bellows

A contraption consisting of a crude bellows attached to a crucible.


This strange piece of equipment was created by the swamp gobbers of Widowers Wood. It looks very crude and barely able to create the alchemical effect it does. It consists of a crucible about the size of a small travelers chest, made of iron, bolted together haphazardly; made to be worn on the back. The coiled tube, seemingly made out of a large uncoiled spring and snake skin, runs from the crucible to the bellows. If the Crucible is filled with the correct reagents it can be operated to fill an area with fog.

When filled with the correct reagents, can be operated to create a 40 ft Fog Cloud in the area for 10 minutes.


Was owned by the Swamp Gobber tribe that attacked a caravan on its way to Corvis. The adventurers traveling with the caravan successfully slew the attackers and a young girl among them, Hobbs, currently owns it.

Gobber Bellows

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