The Witchfire Trilogy

Everything till Feb 18

The party heads to find Captain Helstrom and explain the situation that we believe the Magistrate and Judge are in great danger.
In an attempt to figure out what possibly might be done to prevent anything the Captain explains the happenings of the Witch Fire Trial.
It is decided that the best plan would be to discuss further activity with Father Dumas, and appoint protection to the Magistrate and the Judge.
Hobbs makes a pass at the Captain.

Raizo Unske goes to visit the estate of the Magistrate. He is not allowed entry. The estate is very opulent, with perhaps an elven servant

The team goes to discuss with Father Dumas. Arrives after his morning sermon, and explains in private. Dumas insists that the church and the grounds are a safe place, but gives us directions to the tomb of the witches. Describes the execution. They were beheaded with a black sword, save for Lexia Canor who was buried at the Church.

The team makes their way through the swamp with Rowen leading the way. They stop in a dry clearing. Rowen takes the world’s longest piss. Out of the trees, two Shamblers advance. They make their way to attack Rowen, who has shamblers on either side. Daryan stands behind Rowen and sings an ispiring ballad and protects her from oncoming attacks. Raizo Unsky steps forward to flank. Rowen is impaled in the chest by the Shambler in front of her. Hobbs also flanks from behind one of the shamblers and stabs it with her wrench. Redgrave moves to attack the far away shambler and misses. Darien attacks the shambler but fails to do any damage. Unske destroys it with a final blow. The team turns their attention to the other Shambler. Rowen uses a spell to heal herself. Hobbs tried to attack, but missed. Unske ended up destroying the thing again.

637 total

Made it to the Tomb, which is adapted from an old Orgoth Fort. Often Orgoth Ruins were magically sealed. The seal of corvis had at one time been on the door, but the door is now blown out. It is nightfall, and we are unable to see through the dark opening of the door. Darien and Unske have torches. The marching order that we proceed in is:
We approach a fork in the hallway. We go left, to find a square room. It is dry, and considerably more comfortable. There is no opening, but in a corner there are several piles of crushed leaves. We searched through the leaves. Rizounsky and Darien happen upon a loose tile in the cobblestone. There is a symbol on the stone, but we don’t know what it is. There is a copper coin with the same symbol, sitting on a bag. We still don’t know what it is. The bag contains a silver plated pistol covered with black grease. There is also a small bag of ammunition.

Obtained 1 small ornamented pistol.

We replace the stone, and return to hallway where we go right instead.
In the opposite room, there is a door on the far right wall, as well as a vent in the ceiling, over the fire pit.
Inside is a giant sculpture of an auster face with a field of stars behind it made of Black Marble. It appears as though someone has attempted to pry it out of the wall, and there is some minor damage done to the sculputre. After appraising Hobbs decides that the right buyer would pay at least 100 for it, and makes note to perhaps return for it with the right tools.
We move on and head straight into the dungeon. The water runs faster and collects into a foot deep hole at the end. There is a left hall and a right hall. We go left.
We find ourselves in what appears to have been a mess hall. There is a huge table. We decide not to seach this area and return to our search.
There is some mild debate about which way to go, but we keep turning left. We arive at a room full of tables with work benches. There is a forge, and a secondary fire pit. The floor is well and recently maintained. There are tiny humanoid foot prints in the muddy stone floor. The chimney looks wide enough for a child to crawl up and down. They are recognized by Darien to be Gobber foot prints.
We proceed exploring. The cavern narrows and opens to a very round cavern with a giant rock collumn. The ceiling is low. We proceed into the room and search. There are the skeletal remains of a gobber, sitting on a leather pouch. Darien reaches for the pouch.
There is a loud noise and vines/tentacles reach out to grapple Darien and Hobbs. Darien escapes from the grapple.


Obtained well made Lizard Skin Pouch. Contains Rat Jerky to count as 1 Ration and 1 poor quality flask containing resembling black brine. turns out to be Baron Voratchik’s Clawed grip.

Unske and Rowen find a trapdoor. Hobbs complains at Redgrave that he should use his gift. Redgrave is a dick.

Inside the trapdoor is a path that looks to lead out of the fort.

Finally we travel downstairs. There is an underground cave. On the still clear lake, the water seems calm. Hobbs looks down and sees something shiny, and something yellow. Definitely a weapon.
“Guys, it looks like there’s a gold in there. And a sword!”
Redgrave and rowen see that the boat is made for tiny things and there, a broken knife, scraps of rat jerky, nails in leather pouch and four small water skins. Ten foot pole with basket attached to the end. Looks like its for fishing.
Unske gets in the water to get the gold and sword, and ends up grappled by a swamp squid. Rowen and Hobbs shoot the fuck out of it, it dies, and we get the loot!
WE GET 175 XP!

So the coins have the same Orgoth Symbol on it. There are 12 of them. The sword is actually a dagger. The hilt is ornamented with filigree that continues down the sheath. There are two teeth on the crossguard. The Blade is black steel with copper rune inscription. Its and Orgoth blade.
Hobbs apraises the coins for 2-10gp per coin
The sword is enchanted. It’s probably like 600 gp.
Redgrave reads the inscription

“For my son, Ryarch. May your blade always strike true. ~Gen. Orvos XII”

We explore the other way we hadn’t gone before.
There is a gobber holding a spear backed into a corner. Unske detects evil. Hobbs spoke to him, and he tells that a woman in white came raised three skeletons, went into the room, stayed there a long time, and left with four grey ugly women. Unske detects three undead.
We go through, and see three slimey skeletons assembling formation. Each carrying a long sword.
BATTLE ENSUES. We destroy those fucks, even though Darien almost died and Hobbs was about useless.


The Gobber Chief lets us bed down there for the night.
Hobbs identifies the the dagger as a +1 dagger. We elect to sleep in shifts and level up.

Extra 150 exp.
1150 total

NEXT DAY 02/18/2010

We exit the tomb, and see a fellow walking up to us. About 5’8, kinda stocky. Wearing a gun and a smile on his face. Cygnaran military uniform, scruffy beard. Stumbling through the swampy terrain.
Went through the introductions, decide to head back to town. Get back early afternoon rest up and shower.

Decide to find Father Dumas and express concern for his niece. After telling about the finding of necromancy. Darien explains that we would like to keep an eye on her, and check her room too.
Also, we would like to check the tomb at the church.
Dumas agrees.
Find a lot of history books by former prelates about the history of the church.
Underneath the bed, more older books. Dumas is curious as to why she has them. They are supposed to remain in the library.
In one of the older books there is an earmarked passage describing passages in the catacombs to tombs under the church.. Dumas is worried. Sends the party to find Alexia. Sends the party with paritioners to show them the mosoleum area.

Darien finds an unmortared section in the wall. It is still sealed.
Decide to check the sewer for an entrance. Padlock to the entrance has been blown off by magic.
Marching order:
There is a narrow stairway. As we go descend we hear running water. It smells.
To the right, there is a stronger sounding current. There is a small wooden bridge.
More of the same on the left
Rowen decides we should head right. We cross the bridge. Rowen broke the bridge. Ginger is stuck on the other side. We walk on, and find a whirlpool. Ginger is unable to join us due to a gap in the path. Our path diverges, so we send Ginger off to update Dumas.

We come to a door, that is locked. Raizo kicks it in. The door looks pretty new.
The whole foyer looks fresh and maintained. There are places to sleep and a desk and stuff. Across the room is a big iron door.
We’re standing in a giant magic circle. It is unactivated.
There is a giant iron key on the desk.
One of the papers has a list of the jurors with their names checked off.
Another talks about the execution "Executioner, Borloc’s friend of theLightning Eye, Executioner’s sword…. Predates Orgoth?”
Letter to Dumas “My Dearest Uncle, I wish I could explain this to you….”
More notes under the pillow on the bed “Elaborate glyphs” in common underneath “Strength, maker’s mark, fortitude, mind”
A scrollcase, as well, with a mysterious scroll in it.
Alexia walks in. She says she means us no harm. She explains she wishes Dumas could understand why she does what she does.
We ask her to explain. She says the city is wicked, and that the coven were good people. She uses magic to close the door, and walks away.
The circle is old, ametureish, and necromantic and old. It is non working.
We decide to head out the iron door. We find an alternate route that spits us out in the room we started. We head to the next left, and come to a fork in the path.
We arrive at another iron door. It is streaked with rust. It is locked. Iron Key unlocks the door. There are two zombies.
Rizo hits the shit out of a zombie. It falls.
Rowen steps up to hit the next zombie. It falls.
The corpses have tattoos. Runes from the Morrownian book. It is the Thamarian secret language. One is wearing a silver ring. On the wedding hand. Engraved with the Sylva name.
We return the direction we came from
There are giant cathedral like support beams in the path to the right Come to a lit domed chamber made of black marble. Very decorative granite sarcophagus. Symbols of Morrow. Shows a weeping gryphon. The outside edge “Temptation begets darkness eternal”. The head reads “Prelate Edric Samos the 7th.” Letters inlaid with gold.
Decide to leave.
The last door is locked. Two zombies. Raizo kills one. Darien kills the other.
Continue. Arcane glyphs show runes saying that there are weak necromantic things in there. Iron key works. Big surprise to find zombies inside.
Raizo attacks, and kills one. Archer shoots and misses. Zombies attack for ouchies. Rizo and archer trade places. Rowen attacks. And kills. Two fine crafted gold rings. Sunbright crest.
Iron door, unlocks. There is a giant domed room full of light. Intricate friezes and gold. Marble statue of a man. “Oldbrech Sambert, ascended 605 BR.”
Hobbs climbs up on the dias to find a wooden chest that reads “Blessed Be” in gold letters. The chest itself would be worth 200 gp. We decide to open it. Inside it is lined with satin. There is a gold ring which reads “To follow in his footsteps”
We argue about the ring. We agree to leave it. As we leave we see a mummy. He starved to death. He is a cleric and his prayer beads are magical. Raizo carries the body.
We continue with Rowen at the front. There are little alcoves piled with bodies. They all have little metal plaques that read “Plague”
Darien begins to sing and a whole bunch of creatures swarm us. Big ass rats. Devil rats.
Rizo attacks first, kills one rat.
Rowen casts a spell of resistence on Rizo.
Archer casts a cone of fire. Kills six devil rats
Hobbs runs up like an idiot but rolled a 1 to hit.
Darien moves forward and keeps singing.
Rizo charges the big ass rat, and gets bit by a rat in the adjascent room
The big ass rat goes for Rizo instead but misses when he tries to bite.
Archer decides to shoot at the rat that Hobbs is fighting.
Hobbs finally kills something with her stupid wrench.
Rizo attacks and misses.
Big ass rat attacks Raizo and hits.
Archer uses ray of frost against the big ass rat, but missed
Hobbs withholds action.
Raizo attacks, and misses.
Rats attacked Rizo.
Rowen heals Rizo successfully.
Hobbs holds action.
Darien sings
Rizo attacks again.
Rowen heals Raizo
Archer shoots and misses.
Hobbs steps up and electric jolts at the bigass rat. It hits.
Darien Sings
Rizo hits the big ass rat
Rowen steps forward to hit.
Rats shuffle.
Archer shoots and hits the big ass rat killing it.
Hobbs gear barrages the last two and they die.

Raizo heals himself. Or whatever the kids call it these days.
We continue and see the last room locked. We gathered the rest of the booty, now recorded in the party loot.
We break into the last room. It’s one more undead.
Raizo gets hit by it.
Raizo hits it. It dies.
We continue to see the river passing through the chasm. There is a stone arched bridge that we pass over fine.
The last room is boggy and there are random stepping stones. There are some random plague plaques.
We get out of there. And arrive at a wall. We hear Ginger and hellstrom.
It’s the same bricks from before. We push the brick aside and exit. The captain gives the injured some healing potions.

XP = 1210

Total xp Earned thus Far = 2210

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